Losing your teeth can cause more than health problems. It directly affects your self-esteem as tooth loss impinges on your smile and the way your face looks. Here are some perceptible consequences of tooth loss: Speech problems.- Based on the position of the missing tooth or teeth, the patient may experience problems with speech. Chewing problems.-A […]

After implants have been placed, it’s important to follow these recommendations during the healing period, Please read the section on Post Extraction and Minor Surgery section before continuing as they are applicable following implant almost as much. General care To control minor bleeding after surgery, apply moderate pressure with gauze pads or a clean, moist […]

Patients normally look forward to the day when they receive their new dentures. They are happy about the prospect that former dental problems will soon be over. Then, the day arrive then the new dentures are inserted and they are frequently shocked that a new array of dental problems are just beginning. In order to receive […]

While it is normal for young children to get loose (mobile) teeth, in adults, it can be a sign that you have a major problem. The most common cause for loose teeth in adults is gum disease and if you let this condition continue without treatment, the bone that holds the teeth in place will […]

In today’s world, the need for infection control has never been greater. Our dentists and supporting staff at our clinic are the most concerned about taking each and every precaution about the transmission of such infections. Controlling bacterial contamination for transmission of such infections through sterilization is a vital and customary process at all our […]

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