Post Sedation Instructions

Instructions to patients who are to receive sedation for dental treatment

Following sedation, 24 hours may be required for the full effects of the drug to wear off. During this period, it is essential that you follow these instructions.

1. Discharge from Office

  • You must be discharged into the care of a responsible adult who can accompany you home.
  • Arrangements should be made to have a responsible adult remain with you for the remainder of the day.

2. Transportation

  • A responsible adult with a vested interest in your safety must accompany you home in a car or taxi.
  • A taxi driver does not count as your responsible adult escort.

3. Food and Beverage

  • Clear liquids are advised initially and, after that, diet as tolerated.
  • Do not drink alcohol in any form for 24 hours.

4. Medication

  • Resume taking your normal medication after the appointment.

5. Activity

  • Do not operate motor vehicles, boats, power tools or machinery for 24 hrs or longer if drowsiness or dizziness persists.
  • Do not operate an aircraft for at least 48hrs following minimal or moderate sedation.
  • Do not sign or enter into any legal contract for at least 24hrs

6. Problems

  • If you experience any acute pain, heavy bleeding from the surgical site, respirator problems, or another post-operative problem, please notify the dental office.
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