Sedation Dentistry

Feel Comfortable in the Treatment Chair

Our team at Lighthouse Dental understands that countless adults experience anxiety and nervousness at the thought of visiting their dentist.

This is the reason why so many people skip out on important visits and treatments, which results in more serious oral health problems down the road. Our goal is to help all of our patients feel comfortable and well-cared for when they visit our dental office, which is why we have a confident and gentle chairside manner as well as offer sedation dentistry in Vancouver City.

Why Choose Lighthouse Dental for Sedation Dentistry?

Understanding & Kind Dental Staff

Patient Comfort is a Top Priority

Relaxed & Non-Clinical Dental Office Atmosphere

IV Dental Sedation

For patients who are undergoing lengthy procedures or who have severe dental anxiety, we offer IV sedation, which means the sedation will be administered intravenously, or directly into the bloodstream. During your procedure, it will feel like you’re peacefully asleep, but you’ll still be able to respond to our questions since you’ll be conscious. Once we remove the IV, you’ll begin to reawaken. Because the effects of this form of sedation linger, you’ll need a trusted friend or family member ready to drop you off and pick you up from your appointment.


You’ll never avoid dental visits again once you experience NuCalm. Without drugs or IV’s, we can take your mind to the first level of sleep. NuCalm is an innovative procedure that promotes a rewarding and relaxing dental experience.

First, you’ll swallow tablets that counteract adrenaline.
Next, we’ll place microcurrent stimulation patches just behind your ears.
You’ll wear noise-reducing headphones that play a neuroacoustic software and soothing music.
Blackout sunglasses will eliminate visual stimuli
These four seemingly simple acts will reduce or completely knock out your stress during dental procedures. In addition, because of your intense relaxed state, your body will naturally accept treatment; your natural resistance will be dulled. NuCalm does not “put you under.” Throughout your procedure, you’ll remain responsive – yet still and relaxed.

After treatment, you can expect to feel refreshed and content because NuCalm will have helped you achieve cellular homeostasis in your brain; this releases body tension. You’ll experience no side effects, no down time or recovery period, and you won’t need supervision following treatment. You can return to your normal daily activities after your dental appointment.

Visit NuCalm online to read patient testimonials and learn more about this minimally invasive, highly effective relaxation procedure.

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